Cervical Collar Adjustable

Cervical Collar Soft Adjustable Supplied by Ambulance Products India


* Soft foam is slightly contoured for a comfortable fit.
* Covered with 100% cotton stockinet and a Velcro closure, loop contact closures for easier use.
* Available in low and medium and high-density of foam.
* Adjustable size designed for use on a wide range of patients.
* The foam cervical collar is used for cervical injuries requiring non-rigid support and limited mobility.
* May also be used as an aid for the relief of pain associated with neck muscle spasms or whiplash injuries.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Cervical Collar Adjustable at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 
STAC 125            Cervical Collar Adjustable


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