Wheelchair Stair Stretcher

Wheelchair Stair Stretcher or Stair Chair Stretcher Supplied by Ambulance Products India


* Wheelchair-type stretcher, made of high quality aluminum alloy.
* It is mainly used in some areas with difficult traffic or entry such as narrow halls, gangways, cloisters, or stairs with several turnings.
Technical Parameter :
* Folded Size : 91 x 19 x 51 cm
* Folded into wheelchair : 91 x 51 x 103cm
* (Seat height) 49 cm (Width) 50 cm
* Packing Size (1 pc): 91 x 18 x 51cm
* Load Bearing :≤ 159kg
* N.W (1 pc): 9.2 kg
* G.W: 11 kg
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Wheelchair Stair Stretcher at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
STAS 301     Wheelchair Stair Stretcher Aluminium Anodized


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