Ambulance Stretcher Cum Wheelchair

Ambulance Stretcher Cum Wheelchair or Chair Stretcher Supplied by Ambulance Products India


* This Ambulance Stretcher Trolley can be converted into a chair.
* The angle of the Stretcher Trolley can be adjusted according to different requirements.
* Suitable to transfer patients in a limited place.
* Such as lift in the hospital. ambulance, city road, etc.
* Made of aluminum alloy material, characterized by its anti-corrosion.
* Use safely and easily for sterilization and cleaning.
Technical Parameter :
* High Position (L x W x H) : 196 x 55 x 86cm
* Low Position : 196 x 55 x 25cm
* Packing Size (1 pc): 198 x 62 x 26cm
* Max Angle of the Back: 85°
* Load Bearing : ≤159kg
* N.W. (1 pc): 34 kg
* G.W.: 40 kg
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Stretcher Trolley or Chair Stretcher at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
STAS 201        Ambulance Stretcher Cum Wheelchair Aluminium Anodized


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