Burn Sheet

Burn Sheet Blanket Supplied by Ambulance Products India


This burn sheet blanket is made of non-woven laminated tissue fibers to maintain a sterile environment. Burns can occur at any time and for many reasons. Burn injuries can be minimized by fast treatment and response. All types of burns, large and small, can be quickly treated with the Desco First Aid Burn Sheet. Ensure that all your first aid kits contain one.
Large Size for Full Coverage
The burn sheet measures 60″ x 90″, and can be folded to use as a partial or full sheet.
Strong and Durable
The burn sheet is made to resist tearing and conform to the patient’s contours. It is made of 100% spun-bound polypropylene and can be used as either a wet or dry dressing.
Sterile and lightweight
The burn sheet will arrive packaged in an airtight poly bag to ensure its sterility. As small and lightweight as possible, they’re convenient to store at home, in the car, on a boat, or in a backpack.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Burn Sheet Blanket at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 
APBS 101            Burn Sheet


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