Extrication Collar Child 12 Adjustment

Extrication Collar Child 12 Adjustment Supplied by Ambulance Products India


• Extrication Collar Child 12 Settings Adjustable.
• Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment. Easy and accurate one-piece sizing system.
• An auto-flipping chin support plate makes it easy to store and carry.
• Fully disposable and stores completely flat.
• A design for an anterior opening that can be used for intubation and emergency care.
• A posterior opening is designed for the pulse and orthopedic examinations.
• Nasal cannula holders function (double sides) to secure the oxygen tubes.
• Easy to check the lock status even in a dark environment.
• Direct-for-use diagrams on the product.
• Radio-translucent, CAT/MRI compatible.
• Height adjustment range: 100 to 145 mm.
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Extrication Collar Child 12 Adjustment at competitive prices from India.

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Model No 
STAC 128 Extrication Collar Child 12 Adjustment


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