Patient Roller Shifter

Patient Roller Shifter Manufactured by Ambulance Products India
Specs :-
Patient roller shifter
Facilitate independent bed mobility.
Move patient up in bed.
Move Patients from the side of the bed to the center or vice-versa.
Turn Patients onto their side in bed.
Transfer patients from one surface to another such as bed to stretcher (when use in conjunction with other devices, such as transfer board).
Move patients who have fallen into confined or awkward spaces to a place where mechanical lift can be used.
Pivot patients in bed and aid exercise.
Product Size : 65L x 5W x 39H cm
Product Weight : 4 Kg
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Patient Roller Shifter at competitive prices from India.
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Model No
APRS 101 Patient Roller Shifter


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